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Táng (surname)

Tang , is a surname. Japanese, Korean and also have the surname with the same character but different pronunciation/romanization .


People with this surname mainly have two originations :

* From the clan name Tao-Tang
** ''Tao-Tang'' was the clan name for Emperor 's tribe, so Yao is also known as Tang Yao or Tang Fangxun . ''Tao'' means ''pottery'', which was a very important invention and tool in acient China; ''Tang'' was the ancient name for the place currently is part of central China and the central plain of Shanxi Province. Yao's tribe combined the names of pottery and their resident place as their clan name . The of Yao continued using the surname Tang instead of ''Tao-Tang'', probably for simplification purpose.

* From the King Tang Shuyu
** In the early Zhou Dynasty , when the King Wu of Zhou was still a child, one day he played a game with his young brother Tang Shuyu. The King Wu of Zhou cut a leaf to a Jade Gui shape, sent to Tang Shuyu, and said: you're rised to the Marquis of Tang . The chancellor aside immediately advised the King Wu of Zhou to choose an auspicious day and make a royal ceremony for establishing Tang Shuyu. The King Wu of Zhou felt suprising and said: we are just playing a game and I just made a joke. The chancellor replied: the King cannot make a joke, once the King speaks out, historians record his words, the loyal ceremony will be held, and the loyal music will be played. Thus Tang Shuyu was rised to the Marquis of Tang, and later became the first king of . It's a famous historic event and the origin for the Chinese phrase ''Tongye Fenghou'' . His offspring continued using ''Tang'' as their surname.

Notable people

* Tang of Shang : King of Shang Dynasty
* Tang Shuyu: King of
* Tang Yin : Ming Dynasty official, painter, calligraphist, poet, literator
* Tang Ching-sung : the first President of the Republic of Formosa
* Tang Shaoyi : Prime Minister of the Republic of China
* Tang Jiyao : general, warlord
* Tang Shengzhi : general, warlord
* Tang Junyi : philosopher
* Tang Ti-sheng : opera playwright, scriptwriter, film director
* Tang Fei : the Premier of the Republic of China
* Tang Jiaxuan : the Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China
* Henry Tang : Hong Kong politician and official

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