Monday, October 6, 2008


Shen can refer to:

*Shen 神, a central word in Chinese philosophy, , , and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
*Shen 蜃, a shapeshifting Chinese dragon believed to create mirages


* Shen 沈, a common Chinese surname
* Shen Sinyan or Sinyan Shen is an American physicist and classical composer.
* Shen Xue, a Chinese figure skater


* State of Shen, state in the Zhou Dynasty of China
* Shanghai, abbreviated as Shen, city in China


* the alias for Kami-Sama's in the manga of Dragon Ball and anime of Dragon Ball
* Shen , a character in Ender's Game
* Shen Woo, ''King of Fighters'' character
* Shén, a fictional race from the world of Tékumel
* Swift , a comic book character in Wildstorm, is named Shen Li-Min
* Shen, a character from