Monday, October 6, 2008


Shao 邵 is a common . It's the 86th most populous family name in China. Corresponds to last name "So" in Korean; "Thieu" in Vietnamese; and Siu/Chow/Sho in other Chinese romanisations. The origin of the family name Shao is thought to have come from the royal lines of the Zhou dynasty in ancient China. The King's loyal subject and loving brother, 召公, the Prince Shao, was thought to have originated the Shao lines. Shao's originally dwelled in Canton area but over the ages moved to many areas in China. Concentrated in SouthEastern and Southern areas of China.

Prominent people with the family name Shao

*Shao Jiayi 邵佳一 Chinese international footballer
Shaw brothers
**Run Run Shaw 邵逸夫 Founder of Shaw Brothers Studio, chairman of Television Broadcasts Limited, one of the most famous TV companies in Chinese society.
**Runme Shaw
**Runde Shaw
**Xundao Shao Professor

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