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Sima (surname)

Sima is a Chinese family name. Unlike most single- Chinese family names, it is one of the rare . It is an occupation name, literally meaning "control" "horses" , and corresponds exactly to the English surname , whose etymology is from the ish ''mare'' + ''skalkoz'' . The surname originated from one of the offices of the Three Excellencies of the Han dynasty.

People with family name 司馬

*Sima Rangju or Rang Ju, strategist during the Spring and Autumn Period and regarded as the author of ''Sima Fa''
*Sima Qian, historian in Western Han Dynasty and author of ''Records of the Grand Historian''
*Sima Xiangru, a minor official in Western Han Dynasty but better known for his poetic skills, Chinese wine business and controversial marriage to a widow Zhuo Wenjun after both eloped.
*Sima Yi, renowned strategist during the Three Kingdoms, ultimate adversary of Zhuge Liang in ''Romance of the Three Kingdoms'' and the revered progenitor of the Jin Dynasty .
*Sima Shi, son of Sima Yi
*Sima Zhao, son of Sima Yi and younger brother of Sima Shi, ''de facto'' ruler of the Kingdom of Wei and the origin of a Chinese proverb.
*Sima Yan, also known as the Emperor Wu of Jin, was a son of Sima Zhao. He took the throne of the Kingdom of Wei, proclaimed the Jin Dynasty and unified China.
*Sima Ai, son of Emperor Wu of Jin and Prince of Changsha among the
*the ruling family of the Jin Dynasty .
*Sima Guang, historian and statesman during the Song Dynasty , known for his monumental historical work ''Zizhi Tongjian'' and rivalry against contemporary Wang Anshi. There is a popular story of him, as a youth, saving someone who fell into a large water pot by smashing it with a rock.

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